Monday, 4 February 2008

"You Don't Know Me."

"I decree that history shall be rewritten. This time without any punctuation so that it is just one sentence linked together by the phrase "And then what happened was..."

It is odd that US citizens so bemoan their lack of history especially in comparison to the UK but also, more generally when using Europe as a frame of reference (they rarely dare line themselves up against the ancients of the Far or Middle East).

Human history can be traced in two ways. Either through ancestry, in which case theirs is a rich as ours, being one and the same thing until the infamous split of 1776 and conjoining of The Thirteen Colonies. Otherwise, by geography, in which case America can boast a far more varied history than us. Only in their pursuit of freedom, they seem uncomfortable to include the rather awkward point of mass genocide and decades of bullying, starvation and theft (not that the British have that missing but it is a less considerable part of their founding, more their evolution).

hHistory is what it is, there isn't a right or wrong because who can really enforce, punish or reward what goes on over generations, if in their lifetime? If you or your peeps have been (metaphorically) fucked in the ass, all you can really do is lie down, enjoy it and walk like a rudeboy ever after. You can also take some enjoyment from realisation of guilt on the part of the the perpetrator, which usually takes the form of repetition and denial.

"I mean, it is just so sad that we have nothing other than Hollywood and rock 'n' roll to fall back on." It really is just bizarre.

- more on repetition and its convictions through blurred meaning later. and the sorry state of modern rock 'n' roll. which would be fine if it acknowledged it roots. bloody roots.

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