Thursday, 1 March 2012

No one who ever mentions the weather will make or break your day

This is a rare instance in which Oasis are wrong. During a quick-fire round in the pub the other day, when my mouth was running quicker than my brain, I realised the weather is to blame for everything! The wind gave people slitty eyes, which is fine and functional, but follow my drift.... the cold make black people white! From the sun not shining and not shining and not shining, I wonder how long it took.

One of my greatest problems is that my rationale would assume that people who left, the adventurers and discoverers, would be a stronger ilk of people... but from the looks of things, the runners have gotta be the baddies! (I mean look at America). Probs best to sit on your mountaintop and wait for the cherry tree to finally get tall enough to shelter you from The Rain.

P.S. When I heard it was snowing in Birmingham today I cried. Added 7th April 2012